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Anonymous asked:

Raven likes beast boys hair?


Raven stared at his head, feeling something sink into the pit of her stomach and explode. Beast Boy looked up at her with a sad, reserved expression. A long minute ticked by between them as Raven realized what she was going to have to do, and it broke her heart.

Beast Boy pouted and plopped down in the plain, wooden chair in the middle of the bathroom, mumbling curses between his teeth. “I really, really hate Red-X.”

"I know." Really, the thief had gone too far this time. Raven looked down into Beast Boy’s soft, green hair and bit back a noise of disappointment. "I’m sorry I have to do this."

"It is what it is, Raven." He pouted some more and crossed his arms over his chest, glaring at his reflection in the mirror. "He got in a lucky shot with that stupid goo. I didn’t think he’d actually get it in my hair."

Raven didn’t know what to say, and so she just turned on the hair clippers and pressed it against his scalp. Next time she saw Red-X, she was going to punch him right in the jaw.

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