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A commission that Ceshira did for me a while back. She said I could post it on my tumblr and stuff, so here it is.

The idea sprung from this pic:

Basic premise has Raven returning to Earth after years of training and adventuring as the new Doctor Fate, only to find out that all of her old teammates have changed in one form or another: Robin became Nightwing/Batman 2, Starfire was recruited by the Green Lanterns, and Cyborg eventually joined the Justice League.

Beast Boy’s had it…strange. After the Titans split up, he reunited with the Doom Patrol (which incidentally, was almost devoid of his old teammates), innocent enough. Unfortunately the adventures they ended up going on came straight out of Grant Morrison’s run which was neither kind nor normal by any means

Ergo his macabre jacket.

After barely surviving the mind-bending, soul-searing, heartbreaking misadventures therein, Gar attempted to reenter the “normal” superhero trade, but it soon became clear that all was far from well. His ordeals had made him extremely agitated, prone to hysteria and recalcitrance. His transformations had grown steadily more grotesque and disturbed, chimeric cocktails with perverse and destructive power. Also, he began to eat meat…yeah. Then there were all those talking animals in his dreams warning him about the Green, the Rot and the Red. After an exceptionally catastrophic rampage that almost no one wants to talk about, he spends his days as “Doom Beast” (check out the ‘db’ on his sleeve), a burnt out, if somewhat jovial, vigilante who gets by on Hollywood mocap and SFX work (mostly as exotic, giant monsters and animal co stars) when he isn’t crimefighting. In summation, he wouldn’t be too out of place in the Venture Brothers with how diminished he’s become. Into this somewhat self-imposed melancholy comes Raven…who really needs a place to crash since the Tower of Fate exploded in one of her inexplicable adventures. As they attempt to rekindle their old comforting dynamic they realize how much they’ve both changed. All rather touching if enemies new and old weren’t poised to strike and perhaps push one of them off the edge for the final time.

The pic was meant to evoke all that somehow; I’ll let you be the judge.

Send your love and praise to Ceshira, the artist, if you get the chance. She’s got even more awesome art at:


Reblog if at some point you’ve tried to see if you had super powers.






anyone who doesn’t reblog this is a filthy liar

I try to see if I can use the force on a regular basis.

part of the reason i studied so hard was so i could move shit with my mind like matilda

I have tried to use my Matilda powers pretty much daily for the past 15 years.

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